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If there's one thing you'll get offered again and again in Morocco, it's going on a desert tour in the Sahara. The next day your High Atlas trekking will take you to Tizi Ntawtilte at 2400 meters and on to Asakka, Azib Issllan, and a night in a Thkent home. Quality accommodations and more inclusions than on other G Adventures tours, like meals, private transport, and activities. From the imperial cities we venture into Sahara desert Morocco heartland to experience splendid clear blue skies, rugged golden landscape and spectacular wide-screen mountain views on a four wheel drive safari. Cairo, the capital city, offers superb desert safari trips to the famous ‘Black Desert' and ‘White Desert'. Well, the driving and the roads in Morocco are pretty crazy, so there aren't too many places you can just stop off at without being killed by passing cars.

Even more personally, when I was a child in Morocco, our family used to go to the desert every Christmas for our vacation. The Morocco authorities are worried about the ecological condition of basins and, as a result, low quality of faucet water. For most vistors Marrakesh is the first experience and destination not to miss during their holidays to Morocco. National Geographic Adventures are unique, active itineraries for intrepid travelers that combine spectacular places, cultural interaction, and physical challenge. The Sahara Desert has its own special vocabulary to describe the different forms.

With the Atlas Mountains in the city's outskirts, many Marrakesh locales revolve around the unique landsapes of Morocco. Day 4 - Climb the Chigaga Dunes and witness the sun-rise over the Sahara - trust us - this will move you! Guest post by Sue Vine- After travelling Morocco with So Morocco, I was inspired to write an A-Z of all that we saw. Pleased we weren't actually in Marrakech last week when it was so hot - the Beldi was perfect as I spent the time in their blissful pool!!!

Nourddine ,Travel agent in Morocco and his travel skills ,enthusiasm,has 10 years of experience for Morocco desert tours and day trips from Agadir, from Marrakech, from Casablanca and Fez with its travel team throughout tours in Morocco. FUN BONUS: Access to amazing tour deals on Galapagos cruises and multiple day jungle excursions. The Sahara Desert which for thousands of years has captured the imagination of man consists of vast dunes and ravines, impassible in parts to all but the hardiest of desert peoples. For any questions regarding our Morocco Desert Tours from Marrakech, or should you wish our sales team to customize your dream desert tour from Marrakech or fes, please do not hesitate to contact us; we will be delighted to assist. If you do not want to walk long distances, rent a 4x4, driver and guide to take you to the desert highlights.

We offer the best Desert trips in Morocco specially customized to sweet the needs, of solo Traveller as well as for couples or group of friends. Spend a day excursion in the High Atlas Mountains, or perhaps go for a Sahara Desert Tour on camel, explore the stunning reality of the Moroccan sahara desert and its amazing landscapes. Our Sahara Desert tours allow you to learn about Morocco's rich history - they aren't just about the searing heat of the sands. Hammid, Our So Morocco guide, driver and soon to be friend - met us outside our riad in Marrakech at 8.30 on our first day and we soon learned that we were incredibly lucky to have him as our local expert.

So, on our first day we drove up and through the High Atlas Mountains and peaked at 2,260 meters with snow all around us. morocco sahara tours from marrakesh was definitely an unique experience, since we could have been sunbathing only an hour drive further. We provide Tours in Morocco , including Camels, Mules, 4×4 or Trekking, so you can experience the vastness of the Sahara Desert with our experienced guides. You can go on tours on camel back which will take you across the dunes of this arid land. On this dynamic adventure through one of Morocco's most naturally beautiful areas, you'll experience glorious views and enjoy meeting with local residents. Advantageous lowest prices on the market are available in and also enjoy a trip to the card or a circuit to measure. See the snow peaked Atlas Mountains and charming seaside towns, enjoy Morocco´s ever-changing landscape of waterfalls and mountains, contrasting desert land and green pastures.

However, speaking from my own personal experience I can tell you that visiting Morocco in January is absolutely perfect for so many reasons. If you're planning to start your Morocco desert adventure from Casablanca, Agadir, Tangier and Rabat, we will be happy to tailor your Morocco desert tour to suit your timetable and budget. Our Morocco trips and excursions run from Fes, Desert excursion Fes to Marrakech or Marrakech to Fes include authentic Berber villages and valleys, camel trekking the Sahara sand dunes, sleeping under the stars in the Sahara. We organize camel trekking tours in Merzouga desert for 1 night with our highly experienced desert guides , born and grown in Sahara desert. The desolate desert landscape of the south has been used as a location for several films. I love spending the night in a desert and do it every chance I get, but I've never seen one quite so orange-that looks amazing.

sahara tours morocco need to do is sit, relax and we will do the rest to ensure that you arrive safely to your destination, have a great time and an unforgettable experience of Morocco. tours in marrakechOur group tours use comfortable mid-range camps with traditional camel hair tents with proper matresses and bedding.

There are several excursions and 1 day trips to Marrakech provides by various specialist tour companies all over the world that include both pick and drop facility from the source and other amenities as well. Morocco Sahara Desert Tours provide a unique and authentic tours and day trips around Marrakech. Centuries of foreign trade, invasion and dynastic rule have given Morocco the many different cultural influences that are evident in today's society. They'll just run an additional tour, so that you can go. visited Morocco at absolute peak time and had zero problems booking a tour just 12 hours before I wanted to go. Now everyone seems 100% fit and ready for the second part of the trip out to the Sahara tomorrow.

Morocco Camel Trips specialize in private guiding, private transportation and accommodation, arranging expeditions throughout Morocco for private clients. There you can find Rabat, Meknes, Fes and Marrakesh, all these have their own atmosphere and are havens of beautiful architecture.

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